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The Metaverse...

Our universe is just one of many, but the thing that makes it so special is the ability of beings in our universe to spin off new ones – Metaverses – into the thinkspace of the internet.

Sometimes these ideas are the carefully created works of a lifetime, built slowly over decades, nurtured and cultivated by millions and spun out into the ether as a deliberate act of creation.

And then, there’s the other kind.

The Beginning...

“When I was trying to buy my first home, I wasn’t trying to buy smashed avocado for $19 and 4 coffees at $4 each.” - Tim Gurner.

Phase I

Yes, sometimes someone says something so profoundly out of touch that it becomes a meme, and the origin of a meme is ‘a unit of cultural inheritance’ – but just because it’s cultural, doesn’t make it good!

Phase II

‘Millennial Avocado Toast’ went around the world faster than a supersonic jet, sparking the minds of a generation, but it also spawned a whole new Metaverse.

Birth of KwyptoKado

In Kwyptoland, the dominant form of life is the KwyptoKado, an avocado based life-form. The first KwyptoKados sprang (or bounced) into existence fully formed from the psychic weight of angry Millennials...


 A chaotic sandbox of possibilities, riddled with meme-culture references.

Only 0.077 Eth to mint.

They might look cute, but the KwyptoKados will fight you! Unlike their real-world counterparts, KwyptoKados are immortal and indestructible, linked between our world and theirs by the power of the blockchain. KwyptoKados don’t think much of ‘ownership’.

You can’t ‘own’ a KwyptoKado, but you can team up with one, carefully matching through minting a unique bond between you and your KwyptoLand counterpart. Your ‘Kado Kompanion can call on the Power of that bond to affect things in KwyptoLand.

KwyptoKados shun real-estate, preferring to live in and around their favourite take-aways, all the better to enjoy the luxury foods that they are famed for pairing with.

These food-habitats only increase the power of the KwyptoKado, granting them the ability to engage in a more active way in KwyptoLand.

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Important Kado Numbers


Different Traits




ETH to mint


Combined Traits


Power Boost per Kado

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Phase I


Quality is important to us. Our goal is to provide as much value possible to our community. We've started working on the game we're going to deliver to the community - the world's first NFT football game, Ether Footy. We know we need to work hard to make this game one of the best exists in the NFT space.


Phase II

KwyptoKado Drop

We've launched KwyptoKado and will host a $70,000 giveaway to one of our holders when it sells out. KwyptoKado acts as a power booster that will boost your team's power statistic in Ether Footy. Characters in Ether Footy will not have any power nor can they train to get power.


Phase III

Ether Footy

The goal is to make the highest quality game to benefit our community as much as possible. The idea of Ether Footy is to allow every football lover to have the chance to own, manage, and trade their own club, not to mention training and trading footballers. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on. It may evolve over time and hopefully become even better!

Phase IV

Christmas Joy

Giving is important to us. We  will be “air-dropping” real world giveaways to random people on our nice list (holders). Get your wish list ready by the 15th of Dec and try to be nice ;)


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